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Positive Animal Stories

Most kids love animals. That’s why they like to see cartoons and movies in which they appear, as well as read stories with animals as heroes.

If reading is not one of your child’s favorite activities, but he likes the animal world, we encourage you to choose one of these animal stories that we offer to attract his attention to the books.

The authors of the books are aware of the potential of writing a book about animals or including an animal as a hero. So this is a sample of the best animal stories.

Stories with animals for children

  1. The little Caterpillar

At the publisher Kokkinos, one of the best Spanish publishing houses of children’s literature specialized in the illustrated album, here is the beautiful story of the gluttonous Caterpillar.

The first fairy tale we have selected is ideal for children from the age of 3. Thanks to the illustrations, we can see how hungry the little caterpillar is. That’s why she eats and eats and eats until she becomes a butterfly.

A book full of colors and beautiful illustrations for young children where they will be able to count the number of food that the caterpillar eats, which they will also be able to identify thanks to the pre-cut illustrations. Also, they will discover the growth, change, or metamorphosis that this insect experiences to transform itself into a butterfly.

The interest of this book may lie in the fact that it can be found in book format, or in mini or pop-up form, with the stuffed Caterpillar included or with finger puppets.

  1. The little hare

This tale simply addresses one of the most beautiful: love. In this case, the love between a bit of hare and its mother. They both compete to show the other that he loves her more. Despite the little hare’s efforts, the mother wins

The little hare has an excellent idea: what if he took the love for his mother to the moon? Will he get there? This is one of the stories with animals for children from 3 years. It has become a classic in children’s literature.

  1. The little mole who wanted to know who did it to its head

One day as the mole came out of his burrow, a “”brown thing”” fell on his head. Very angry, she began to ask all the animals she was with, whether it was them. But they all answered in the negative.

Will the mole find the truth? One of the most amusing stories in children’s literature that will make children laugh. We advise you to choose this book in a pop-up format. The movement of the character and “”his thing on the head”” will make you burst into laughter.

  1. The chicken Pepe

Chicken Pepe tells the funny story of a chicken that loves to eat so much that it never stops growing. One of SM’s animal stories with pop-up included. This story is recommended for children from one year.

Other stories with animals for children

  1. Fray Perico and his donkey

One of the best-known children’s books in Spain is Fray Perico and his donkey by Juan Muñoz Martín. In March 2019, the publication celebrated its 40th anniversary.

This story was one of the first readings of many of us during our childhood with the collection “”Barco de Vapor.”” It’s the best-selling book in the entire group. Although it is not a tale of animals as such, the hero of the story, named Perico, takes with him his best friend: a donkey.

  1. The zebra Camille

Through a story of solidarity and friendship, zebra Camille, with the help of his seven new friends, will seek the stripes of his body that flew away because he went out without pants or braces.

This is a beautiful story by the publisher Kalandraka that addresses one of the most complicated topics of childhood and youth: growing up.

  1. Elmer

Elmer, the colorful elephant, has sold more than eight million copies. It has thus become one of the indispensable tales of children’s literature.

The difference between Elmer and the rest of the elephants in the troupe is the main story. It highlights the positive values that Elmer can offer children through reading. Respect for others, tolerance, or friendship, are among the most important.