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Rescue diver course.

This course was absolutely brilliant! We were given a pack of all of the information we needed for the knowledge development aspect, and to be prepared for the pool sessions. I found having the DVD really helpful, in addition to the manual. The instructor, assistant instructors and dive masters involved with the course were all outstanding. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We had loads of pool time to practice our skills and make sure we felt really confident with everything. The staff simulated panicked and unresponsive divers very effectively, which meant that we could practice what we needed to do in open water. The qualifying day at Stoney Cove was tiring but fun, and I felt like I had been very well prepared for this by the staff at Scoobaboosta. I really don’t think there are any aspects of the course that could have been any better. I would recommend for anyone to do this, as I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks Scoobaboosta!

A fantastic and well organised trip which we enjoyed thoroughly. Although the weather didn’t hold out all weekend (can’t blame you for that), we all had a lovely time, some side splitting laughs and got some great diving in.
Many thanks, Tim

As an Open Water student (half way through my course) I jumped at the chance to take part in a DSD course whilst down in Porthkerris. This was my first experience of actual open water, Neil was my Instructor and Phil was also with me as Rescue Diver so I knew I was in safe hands. The team were well prepared and put me at ease with any queries I had. After completing the course information and knowledge review, we kitted up and headed for the sea, where I completed partial mask flood and regulator retrieval skills before exploring the life under the sea. I saw a variety of marine life and had a fantastic experience with Neil and Phil. So much so that when the weather brighten up again, I headed in for a second open water DSD, this time with Neil, Phil and Sarah. Again the team were very informative and fully supported me through the entire experience allowing me to gain a little more independence and go a little deeper this time. I can’t wait to get in the water again!

I would fully recommend scuba courses and trips with the ScoobaBoosta team. Not only are they great instructors but they make you feel like part of the ScoobaBoosta family whether you have been a long standing member or a relative newbie like myself.
Thanks again guys!

My first experience of ScoobaBoosta was when I booked an introductory scuba session for my wife and daughter. They both enjoyed it and the staff were friendly and supportive. In more recent times I have completed a PADI Equipment Specialist course. bought a new hose at the shop, and been to a pool session, for my buddy and I to refresh skills and check our equipment before a diving holiday.
Good Staff / Company / Scuba Club

I really enjoy my PADI open water course with Scoobaboosta. I wasn’t really sure about my suitability for diving but as the course go on my confidence has grown.
In Scoobaboosta you can meet all sorts of people very friendly and very professional. They never leave you alone if you need help with your training.

I have to admit I was filled with dread, I was actually getting out of breath just thinking about being underwater! I have snorkelled before and loved that, but being reliant on breathing apparatus was, for me at least, very scary! But being someone that likes to face their fears and take on the odd challenge, I knew this was such a fantastic opportunity, too good to miss.

Despite some initial nerves, we were soon put at ease by the team and our Instructor Rob. A full classroom briefing was given and a tour of the facilities before going through to the changing rooms. Each step was fully explained beforehand and we couldn’t have imagined just how exhilarating it would be to breathe in AND out under water (sounds simple, but the golden rule is to NOT hold your breath!). After some adjustments and encouragement you progress one step at a time with your Instructor ensuring you are happy each stage. And before too long you’ll find yourself not only breathing in and out underwater, but sitting on the bottom of the pool in the deep end playing catch and swimming through hoops. I can highly recommend the Discover Scuba Diving, an amazing experience, for all ages (from 8 I believe), alone or with a partner. I’d do it again, and it’s inspired me to have the courage to take it further.

I would just like to say a really BIG thank you to Rob. I have to say without his patience and excellent instruction and reassurance I might have bottled it. But when you are sat under the water, and the sun comes streaming through the water it really made all those initial fears disappear and having such an expert by your side you then learn to enjoy what is an incredible experience.

Edward really enjoyed himself. The coach ( sorry I cant remember her name – she was being assessed ) was excellent. She was warm and friendly, made good eye contact with the children, touched them to reassure them. She was clear and encouraging. Edward said he felt safe at all times. Edward is interested in further courses, maybe the seals or PADI open water course with his Dad.

Everyone we met was welcoming and friendly.
What a excellent and instructive and fun day I had, it was thoroughly enjoyable especially the second part where I used less air than normal . What more can I say except keep the excellent service going plus can you give Neil a big pat on the back for making me feel at ease throughout. I heard of you through a phone call from a professional BSAC diver who suggested you, so I rang you it was the best thing I have ever done.

Great team. Only been pool diving in this country with Scoobaboosta, and the pool locations and facilities are good. The set up is very professional. As an inland scuba school I would recommend.
Try your DSD Discover Scuba Diving with these guys, very patient and a good intro into the activity.

Many, many thanks to you and the team for making Jake’s birthday a real special and fun one, he, his brother and friends really enjoyed the diving experience and really want to do it again!!! It is an experience that I don’t think any of them will forget. I would also like to add that both my husband and I were impressed with the teams professional, but fun manner in which they conversed with the kids. We felt very confident that they were in very safe hands at all times and we were both relaxed and entertained the whole time, despite just being spectators, we had fun too. Once again, a huge thanks from all of us.