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CLUB Scooba

Welcome to CLUB-Scooba, ScoobaBoosta’s own Dive Club.


What do you want out of a club?

Regular free access to pools
Test New Kit
Discounted Kit Hire
Meet new friends
Discounted Air Fills
Discount on retail purchases
Encouragement to get back into the water
Ability to keep those skills fresh
Monthly Social events

CLUB-Scooba can offer all the above. Club membership starts from £10 per month for individual members and £15 per couple. We even have a family rate for £20

Want to Join?

Here is more information on CLUB-Scooba which includes the booking form.

Club-Scooba Terms and Conditions

Membership of CLUB Scooba (The Club) is open to qualified divers of any agency.

The Club is run and managed by ScoobaBoosta Ltd and all benefits of Club membership are determined by the company.

ScoobaBoosta reserves the right to change any or all benefits as they see fit. Discounted kit hire and/or discounted air fills must be for The Club member and not for a non-member. ScoobaBoosta reserve the right to restrict membership for the good and benefit of The Club.

We also reserve the right to cancel the membership of any member not adhering to these Terms and Conditions.

Membership to The Club is for a minimum period of 12 Months.

The Club and/or ScoobaBoosta will organise dive trips and holidays on behalf of members on a regular basis and cannot be held responsible for any trips/dives that are cancelled due to circumstances out of their control.

By joining The Club you agree to these terms and conditions.