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Animal Video Games

We reviewed some of the animals of the most typical video games, those pets that have made some adventure special. In almost all video games, we are marked by some protagonist, secondary character, or final boss. Sometimes, however, it is the heroes ‘ companions who leave their mark.

Almost everyone knows that Sega’s pet is Sonic and that Nintendo’s pet is Mario. Or that Crash Bandicoot or Spyro are considered Sony’s pets even if they are not officially. But other pets are not the image of big companies; they are those that give meaning to the mission of the protagonist or that together with him must resolve and advance the plot of the game.

Animals in video games become increasingly prominent and become a key element in the control and mechanics of an adventure. The first two examples of the list are games that will arrive in the remainder of the year so it is little by little more common to see animals in video games playing an important role. As we will see below, in the most realistic graphics games,, the leading animals are usually the best friend of Man (the dog) or horses, while in the most fantastic looking games, the animals are pets and creatures of more original and creative design. Walk to read. They don’t bite.

  1. Chop (GTA V)

GTA V will arrive on 17 September, and expectations are very high. In this delivery of the successful sandbox, we will have to guard and guard Franklin’s dog, one of the three protagonists we will control. The ‘Chucho’ is called Chop and is of rottweiler breed. Apart from being able to customize the look of the can with different necklaces and accessories and keeping it well taken care of, Chop will defend us in dangerous situations. Let’s see who dares mess with Franklin with such an intimidating dog.

  1. Riley (Call of Duty Ghosts)

This dog with such a beautiful face is Riley and will be present at Call of Duty Ghosts, the next delivery of the war shooter. He’s a German shepherd who could pass as Rex’s protagonist, a different cop being of the same race, although Riley is equipped as one more soldier and will be a member of our team. Being inspired by the canine explosive detection and ground reconnaissance units, we assume that these could be some of their functions in the game. If you’re one of those who, when you watch a movie, you don’t admit an animal is suffering, we can already imagine in this CoD how we don’t care if soldiers fall around us, but we’ll scream in heaven if anything happens to Riley.

Riley had such an impact on the day it was released along with the game during the May 21 Xbox One presentation that it became a trending topic on Twitter. Several profiles on social networks dedicated to the dog appeared as mushrooms, as well as memes, parodies, and various jokes.

  1. Hewie (Haunting Ground)

Haunting Ground, known in Japan as Demento, was a survival horror for PS2 where Fiona was to flee from a few nutty Castle residents. To endure such ordeal and not panic, good Hewie was there to help her. This white Swiss Shepherd could attack our stalkers so Fiona could buy time to find a right hiding spot. He also warned us with his growls if anyone approached and put us on alert. For Hewie to be effective, Fiona had to treat him with affection and give him Rewards. The soundtrack included a theme song dedicated to the dog called ‘Precious Hewie’.

  1. Whiskey (Heart of Darkness)

In this platform game, Andy, the protagonist, was on the hunt for his kidnapped dog named Whiskey. When they were in the park to observe a solar eclipse, the can was kidnapped and Andy had to face his fear of the dark to enter Darklands and regain his faithful friend from the Lord of Evil. The style and mechanics of Heart of Darkness are similar to those seen in Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee.

  1. Panda and Kuma (Tekken)

As in Samurai Shodown, some wrestlers take their pets to tournaments. However, in Tekken’s case, the animals fight for freedom and are part of the cast of selectable characters. In the Iron Fist Tournament, we have two bears areas Tomar, one panda and one Brown called Panda and Kuma, respectively. The Bear panda is Ling Xiaoyu’s pet and, like her, has a very cheerful personality. Besides, he wears the same bracelets as his owner. The brown bear Kuma is the mascot of Heihachi Mishima, and although its appearance is more aggressive in the background, it is a good one. In his Tekken 3 ending, Kuma fails in his attempt to conquer Panda, as you can see in the following video.